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7th Desember 2019 | Rumah Ranadi, Jakarta Selatan

We met in...

One day, in the middle of orientation time in front of the patologic clinic lab, ical suddenly made his first step to approach pani by offering some bread,

“Do you want some bread?”

Then he introduce his name and they were getting to knew each other by 3 min shaking hand (pani takes lots of time to pull her hands from ical’s hand) there goes where their stories begin.

Time flies…

It’s been almost 6 years they being together, through ups and down, then ical decided to propose pani, he came along with his not so big family, then pani said YES! Such a happy ending, right?

He proposed, I said YES!


Wedding Details

7th Desember 2019

| Rumah Ranadi, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan |

Wedding Reception

19.00 – 21.00 WIB
Rumah Ranadi
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan​​


Dresscode : White or Light Blue


eh salah poto




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